Children In Between

Children in Between is an online co-parenting program for divorcing, separating or never married parents that is being offered FREE through Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, thanks to funding from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol.

This interactive program offers evidence-based skills to help parents effectively manage issues that come up in co-parenting. It addresses specific stressors that children and parents can be under and offers tools to effectively handle interactions and situations. It is an online program, accessible 24/7, and features video scenarios as well as guided questions. Financial problems, long distance parenting, children carrying the message, putting down the other parent, and quizzing children about the other parent are just some of the topics covered in this program.

Children in Between takes approximately 3- 5 hours to complete and can be done over the course of 30 days. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes and will resume where stopped. There is access to technical assistance by phone. Upon completion, there is an instant printable certificate.

Parents in Delaware County can contact Janet Briggs at Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems by phone: 484-444- 0412 to access this FREE online program.

*Please note: parent must have an active email address, computer access, and be able to download Google Chrome.