Parents Who Host, Lose the Most

Parents Who Host (small)

One-third of teenagers have attended parties in which parents were present and substance use by teens occurred, including alcohol use and use of illegal drugs.
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 2006

On an average day, nearly 8,000 youths ages 12 to 17 drank alcohol for the first time.
Substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2008

The Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking public awareness campaign focuses on familiarizing adults with Pennsylvania’s underage drinking laws and the ramifications of breaking those laws.

Increasing that awareness reduces the number of parents who allow youth alcohol use at parties. By reducing the number of parties at which alcohol is available, a community decreases youth access to alcohol.

What can YOU do? Support the Parents Who Host Campaign in the Delaware County during the upcoming year!


1.) Sign a pledge! Committing that, as a responsible adult, you will not provide alcohol to minors.

2.) Be visible! PWH materials are available including: lawn signs, vinyl window clings, posters, table tents, and stickers to display in your schools and community.

3.) Talk about it! With your students, teachers, other parents, and elected officials.

“Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking” is a public awareness campaign developed by the Drug-Free Action Alliance in 2000. The purpose of this campaign is to educate parents and adults about the health, safety, and legal risks of serving alcohol at teen parties and to increase awareness of and compliance with the Underage Drinking Laws. “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” focuses on celebratory times for youth—prom, graduation, holidays, winter dances, etc. This program encourages parents and the entire community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable.

The Law & You:

If you provide alcohol to anyone under 21 you can face…

• Potential jail time
• Minimum of $1000 for a first offense and $2500 for each subsequent offense
• Civil liability

For more information, please contact: Dana Rachko at 484-444-0412 or by email at: