Fax to Quit

The Fax to Quit program  is an evidence-based, individualized, free counseling to assist an individual to quit smoking that includes weekly phone meetings and in some cases free nicotine replacement medication. We can provide technical assistance to your site to assist in overcoming barriers to program participation.  Simply put, following the brief training, those who are trained will be able to sign staff up for Fax-to-Quit where they can receive the help they need to quit smoking or using tobacco products including 4 weeks of FREE nicotine replacement therapy and phone counseling/coaching.

How Fax to Quit Works

1.) Conduct a brief intervention to determine the individual’s readiness to quit tobacco
2.) Fill out the Fax to Quit referral form to enroll in Quit line services
3.) Fax the Referral Form to PA Free Quit line for contact within 48 hours
4.) Receive confirmation of contact and Fax-back Reports on patient progress (HIPAA-covered entities only)

Benefits to the Participant

•Coaching available 7 days per week
•Up to 5 proactive coaching sessions with unlimited inbound calls
•Assessment with personalized feedback to enhance motivation and commitment
•Review of quit plan and quit date
•Education on use of approved or prescribed quit smoking medicine
•Nicotine replacement therapy for eligible participants if available
•Self-help quit guide and tailored fact sheets by mail
•Also effective for spit tobacco users
•Quit line services available in the English, Spanish and other languages

For more information, or to implement any of these programs in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Lancaster, Schuylkill, or Bucks Counties,
Please contact Kate Genthert by email at Kaitlyn.Genthert@holcombbhs.org or by phone at 484-444-0412
or Danielle Dickerson by email at Danielle.Dickerson@holcombbhs.org or by phone at 610-363-1488