Community Coalitions

Community Coalitions throughout Delaware County are working towards creating safer environments for our communities by sponsoring, encouraging, and providing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug -free activities and programs.


Delaware County Tobacco-Free Coalition

The Delaware County Tobacco-Free Coalition has concentrated on reducing and eliminating exposure to tobacco smoke pollution in Delaware County through awareness campaigns, publications and events in the community. Click here for more information.


Committee On Prevention Education (COPE)

COPE is an Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention support program offered to grassroots community groups (Act 211 groups, PTO’s, civic associations, community tasks forces, etc.), post-prom committees, and/or non-profit organizations. Click here for more information.


Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnerships for Success Coalition

In 2014, The Office of Behavioral Health of Delaware County was one of five counties awarded a five year grant called the Strategic Prevention Framework – Partners for Success (PFS). The PFS is a federal to state to county grant to achieve quantifiable declines in state-wide substance abuse rates. Click here for more information.