Living With Purpose


LWP is a FREE evidenced based mentoring program designed to cultivate positive leadership and goal setting skills with youth experiencing difficulties. Students will meet with an adult mentor in a series of 15-30 minute meetings. The students will focus on objectives such as accepting personal accountability and responsibility for their lives, enhancing their critical thinking skills, and developing a personal mission statement.

A LWP mentor can meet with students a minimum of 15 meetings. During each meeting the mentor will discuss topics such as Getting Clear on Your Goals, Taking Action with Passion, and Improving Your Life. The mentor will also be available to help students get involved in positive school and community based events. Meetings can take place during and after school, at the Holcomb office, or another community based setting depending on the student’s needs.

How can you refer to Living with Purpose?

You can refer to LWP through your school’s Holcomb SAP liaison. The SAP Liaison will provide a referral packet and screening tool, which will determine if the youth is appropriate for LWP. LWP Mentors are also available to present to your SAP team and answer any questions you and your team may have.

Interested in bringing a LWP Mentor to your school?

Please contact us at:
Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, Prevention Dept.
126 E. Baltimore Ave. Media, PA 19063
Phone: 484-444-0412

Living with Purpose is coordinated by Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems
through funding from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol.