Student Assistance Program (SAP)

                                                                   What is SAP?

saplogoThe Student Assistance Program is a Commonwealth Approved and mandated program in K-12 Pennsylvania schools to help students overcome barriers to their school success and assist students and families in referrals to appropriate resources. Barriers may include substance, tobacco and alcohol use and mental health concerns. A SAP trained group of school professionals work with students and their families in a confidential manner to identify possible obstacles and offer services to help link students with appropriate school- based and/or community resources.

What does Holcomb do?
Holcomb offers consultation and technical assistance services to schools to assist SAP teams in the delivery of SAP in their schools, to provide mental health, substance/alcohol screenings to students with emphasis on parent/guardian involvement in the SAP process, to help run evidence-based student groups and make available prevention initiatives.

Can I get trained in SAP?
Holcomb is a Commonwealth Approved SAP trainer in Delaware County and offers SAP training during the school year.

What is SAP Council?
Holcomb hosts Delaware County SAP Council, which is a network for student assistance school professionals to increase awareness of at risk issues our youth face and to provide education through our monthly guest speakers and share community resources.

For further information about SAP, please contact Marilyn at 484-444-0412.