Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems is a leader in providing services and supports for people with mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities. The Delaware County Holcomb Prevention department is located in Media, PA. Holcomb has been providing evidence-based prevention programs for youth and parents in Delaware County since 1997.

Starting in 2010, Holcomb began providing similar services for Chester County.
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Don’t Be A Dealer: Lock Your Meds!

Did you know that over 50% of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from family members or friends (NSDUH, 2015)?

Adults may be unknowingly supplying their children or teens with prescription and over-the counter (OTC) medications. Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems aims to spread awareness on the dangers of prescription and OTC drug abuse among teens throughout the year, but especially during the month of January. “Lock Your Meds,” a national campaign, produced by National Family Partnership (NFP), alerts adults that they could be the suppliers of prescription medications that are used in unintended ways. Many teens believe that since prescription drugs are prescribed, it is a safer way to get high. Approximately 4,100 children and teens experiment with prescription drugs every day (Lock your Meds, MEDucation).

Delaware County can participate in this campaign by helping to prevent prescription and OTC drug abuse amongst youth. You can do this by taking medication only as prescribed; do not share medications; monitor and safeguard all medications; properly dispose unused medication immediately; and know the signs of addiction and overdose – SAVE A LIFE!

Make sure to dispose of unwanted or unused medications at medicine drop box locations throughout Delaware County. These medicine drop boxes are an initiative made possible by the Delaware County Heroin Task Force, which you can learn more about below.

Click Here for Municipal & Police Station Dropbox Locations!

Lock Your Meds is a registered trademark of Drug Free Action Alliance. This project is coordinated by Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems through funding from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol.